The Ten Points (as adapted for all addicts and all addictions)

Chapter five of the book Alcoholics Anonymous has always been a faithful guide for people who want to practice the Twelve Step Program. The following Ten Points are a summary of the lifesaving directions given in chapter five, and currently used in the All Addicts Anonymous Program —

  1. Completely give yourself to this simple Program.
  2. Practice rigorous honesty.
  3. Be willing to go to any lengths to recover.
  4. Be fearless and thorough in your practice of the principles.
  5. Realize that there is no easier, softer way.
  6. Let go of your old ideas absolutely.
  7. Recognize that half measures will not work.
  8. Ask God’s protection and care with complete abandon.
  9. Be willing to grow along spiritual lines.
  10. Accept the following pertinent ideas as proved by All Addicts Anonymous experience:
  • that you cannot manage your own life;
  • that probably no human power can restore you to sanity; 
  • that God can and will if sought.

via Welcome to All Addicts Anonymous.

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