Literature and Resources


Basic Literature

Key Publications (AA)

12 Steps and 12 Traditions

Big Book Of Alcoholics Anonymous


It Works How and Why

Basic Text

NA: Step Working Guide

Devotional/ Inspirational

Drop the Rock

AA: Daily Reflections

Living Clean; The Journey Continues (Approval Draft)

Handouts and Informational Pamphlets

NA: Groups and Medication

AA: In Times of Illness

AA: Members and Medications/ Drugs

AA: Questions and Answers on Sponsorship



The Phases and Warnings Signs of Relapse

An Upward Spiral Between Gratitude and Humility by Elliott Kruse et al.

Slips and Human Nature By WD Silkworth

Relapse Prevention – An Examination of Issues


Research on Alcoholics Anonymous- The Historical Context

AA Timeline in Pictures